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  1. Hi Lesa,
    Thanks for the invite at Twitter. My name is Joe Young. I am a minister of the gospel, aspiring artist and animator, and author of a couple Christian Finance ebooks. Put it altogether and you can say, I love to help people, be creative, and write.

    Our website is designed to reach out to all in the area of ministry, and especially to Christian leaders and followers in the area of finance and wealth creation. Our motto is Building A Better You.

    We are here to offer help using a three step system covering personal discovery, innovation, and growth in the areas of biblical finance and business building in a very unique and visual way.
    So, stop by our site and receive our free gift to you, a 53 page ebook entitled, First Partaker – who should get paid first you or the collectors?

    • Thanks, Lesa, for the invitation to post as a thank you for the Twitter follow.

      In my business Deb Coman Writing, Editing and Proofreading I work to read between your lines one word at a time. My attention to detail and personalized approach effectively preserve your “voice.”

      Through everything from writing your content and developmental editing to line item proofreading, I meet all your written communication needs.

      Visit my website for free writing and editing tips, to follow my blog and to contact me so that we can work together to put your best foot forward!

  2. “The thrill of creation is not about art or artistry. The thrill of creation is about feeling our primal inspired aliveness, from deep within, that comes from being our true selves. I wish that for all of humanity.” ~ Misha

    My wish is that all people are free to express their true heart, their inspired gifts, their deep calling. Most people come to me when they are in massive life transformation, ready to take the big leap from those deeply stuck places to a life of freedom and possibility. I am here to help make the transition as gentle as possible.

    When you’ve suddenly woken up to the fact that your marriage is rocky or worse…over, your career is not fulfilling or you’ve never had a lasting relationship that was what you truly wanted…I invite you to seek out a lifeline of help.

    Visit my website to learn more about The Thrill of Creation. I’d love to hear from you.

    My blog is at

    • Hello Misha. Love the quote! I think I actually felt it at that primal area you mention. Missed your blog address, though. Would love to connect. I am at jandeelstra .com so come and let’s connect.
      My kindred connection with you is in the use of artistic expression as a means of letting out that which would otherwise remain bottled inside. Would really love to know your blog address. No idea why it isn’t showing here.

  3. Hi,
    If you are interested in Business, Art, Lifestyle, Shopping, Health & Beauty and More, you will find some great insight on my blog at
    Providing readers with tips, tricks, deals, and reviews in areas of Lifestyle, Shopping, Deals, Health & Beauty, Business, Travel and More

    Hope to see you soon,
    Nicole Elmore

  4. So Great to tweet with you Lesa,
    Thank you for the invite to blog here.
    I am a Prosperity-Goddess. I mentor Heart Centered Solo Entrepreneurs on the simple path to have Prosperity in your life and business, so you can start making more and keeping more Money in your pocket.

    I see so many Coaches, Consultants and Healers struggle to make a living at what they love.
    Following a Simple 7 step path, the money can flow to you daily. I would love to gift your readers with a Simple Prosperity Gift at or
    Warm Hugs,

  5. Thank you for the invite. Hi, I’m Kim the website owner at Resourceful Blogger and I would like to invite everyone to stop by. I am a Money Saving Site. I offer my readers the best deals, sales, freebies, coupons, and giveaways. I also do product reviews. I look forward to hearing from you. Kim

  6. Thank you so much for the invite to promote my business on your site!

    My business is Heartmanity, where we strive to help people thrive without therapy. I have a blog through our site, as well as a monthly newsletter with great tips on parenting, relationships and growth of self.

    My mission is to create secure and loving homes in which everyone can thrive. I provide one-on-one coaching, couples mentoring, personal and group retreats, parenting and emotional fitness classes.

    My site:
    My blog:

  7. Thanks Lesa for your invitation!

    I am Asha Vasconcellos-Badal and I coach highly educated, self-driven women who have dilemmas in one or more areas in their lives and experience standstill or are about to. I help them find their own answers, so they can break the deadlock, choose their own direction and unleash their full potential !

    My website and blog is and is about showing the diamond that you are and remembering the lemon peel that stands for life.

    Whatever you’ve been through… it is néver too late to unleash your full potential !

    (Thanks Lesa !!!)

  8. Hi Lesa,
    Thank you for the invite to connect here!

    Here’s a bit about my business and how to connect with me:

    My name is Cindy Hillsey, CPC, ACC, and I am a Creative Small Business Coach.

    The purpose/mission of my work is to give creative women who struggle with building a business the confidence, safe place, and support they need so they can fly as high as they want to in their businesses.

    We are all creative in our own way. Some of us are creative with business ideas, designs, structure, etc. Others of us are creative in the traditional sense of using our hands to draw, paint, or write. Whether we use our hands, our head, or a combination of both, we all have some creativity. Let’s work together to bring your creativity to light!

    With my experience in small business, I am very capable of coaching creative women in setting up their own businesses. I will show you how to monetize what you do, and help you to put a strong business foundation in place so you can flourish.

    You can connect with me at:

  9. Hi Lesa,

    Thanks for the invite. Our company is Freeway, a small company with big goal to improve communications through excellent IP services. You can visit our website to learn more.

  10. Hello,
    My name is Troy Golden. My blog, is a Commercial Real Estate blog for business owners and decision makers, with a focus on Chicagoland office space. I am a commercial real estate broker. Contact me at 630.474.9997 or @. Thanks,

  11. Hello, thanks for the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Yve Irish and I am a professional Organizer specializing in residential organizing. My goal is to help my clients simplify their lives by creating an organized home which will decrease stress and anxiety. We declutter, then find efficient ways to store everything in its propper place.
    My blog is
    Thank again.

  12. Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to share. My name is Andrea and I love working with high-achieving and self-sacrificing women who have lost themselves in the doing. I guide them to release the “good girl” in order to discover and embrace their true identity, allowing their feminine souls to be fulfilled and shine. It is in this way that we are enabled to thrive because we are living from a pure place of joy.

    Many blessings,

    Come by and visit me @! You will find my blog there. xxx

  13. Thank you Lisa for allowing us to post on your blog. My name is Ronn Mason and I am an Author of original Life, Love & Motivational Quotes.

    I formed a company called Brushed With Life, and we enjoy posting different uplifting quotes on a daily basis. We can be found on Facebook by Searching Brushed with Life.

    Again thank you. I have provided a link to our two currently written EBOOKS on

    Ronn Mason

  14. Hi Lesa,
    I want to thank you for giving me the chance to place my blog on your website. I’m so glad we were able to connect on Twitter! Being an artist, designer and independent beauty consultant,I just recently set up a blog website expanding on the subjects of color, art, and wisdom. There is a gallery of my artwork and also e-commerce sites. An e-book is in the working. I also have a Facebook page and Twitter account, and currently looking for new social media platforms to get my message out into the world.
    Thank you again for this awesome opportunity!
    Linda Sutton

  15. Hello Lesa,

    Thank you for giving me this opportunity to tell people what I do, really appreciate it 🙂

    My name is Julia Maria Lloyd,and I’m a personal ‘Follow Your Bliss’ Alignment Coach. I use my proven 12 step PLET™ system, to help women entrepreneurs connect with their Passion, Purpose, Power, and Prosperity. To get them from OVERWHELM to UNSTOPPABLE in only 90 days!

    My website:

    Wishing everyone lots of success!


  16. Lesa Townsend…what a great opportunity you are offering us all here. I write for the Huffington Post and invite people to visit there and take a look.

    Also people can find me on my own website and blog at:

    Happy to have connected on twitter. Thanks for finding me. Really appreciate this resource that you have offered us all!

  17. Social Rebirth calls for a rational re-structure of our obsolete social paradigm. We explore the emerging movements for social change and report on the fast changing political landscape.

  18. Hello Lesa,

    Thank you for this great idea of sharing. I look forward to checking out many of the blogs posted here and of course, would be honored if others would look at mine at Leave me a comment if you find an article interesting. I share thoughts and motivation to help business professionals become more efficient and effective. The posts are written for managers and small business owners, but anyone is welcome to puruse through them and comment.

    Because the success of your business is important to you and it is important to me…


  19. Hi Lesa,I appreciate the opportunity you have extended. I appreciate being in the company of these other impressive entrepreneurs who have provided their details above my post, and those to follow.My company provides Relief from Overwhelm, Effective Social Media, and Virtual Administration to Solo Entrepreneurs, Professional Coaches, and Consultants. My website can be found at I also offer a free ebook on Simple and Effective Social Media strategies that will have your ideal client chasing YOU (details can be found on the “Goodies” page of my site).

    Wishing everyone continued success,

  20. ((Hugs)) from one Lisa to another! 🙂 and hi everybody. I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you already. I’m an author of young adult and middle grade novels. Please come visit my web site and check out my books. I’m getting ready for the release of Hush Puppy, a contemporary young adult novel, soon. I’d like to do a blog tour if anyone would like to guest interview me on their blog, or even do a guest post. You can read more about my books and me on my website. Thanks!

  21. Hi Lesa,
    I appreciate the opportunity you have extended.I enjoy the challenge although I got a late start…but I gave myself permission to continue at my own pace. Between morning notes(Artist Way) and BLOG posts…I am writing a great deal. Come visit my site. and unlock some potential.
    I recently posted

  22. Lesa… sorry for the errors in the post… not sure what happened but words were omitted. I appreciate the opportunity and challenge you have extended… I gave myself permission to continue!I enjoy the challenge but got a late start… Between morning notes(Artist Way) and BLOG posts…I am writing a great deal. Come visit my site. … recently posted

  23. Hi Lesa,I will thank you for letting me tell you who I am.My name is Anna and I am working as a Coach and as a Teacher for The Art of Feminine Presence. What is the Art of Feminine Presence?The Art of the Feminine Presence helps women become a woman that they know is inside but often feel afraid of or self-conscious to let out. .This work helps women to be the woman they always wanted to be. I know this through my own shift in radiance, sexiness and connection to myself after implementing this work into my life.I am a certified and proud teacher through Yin Project and Rachel Jayne Groover. I am also the only teacher in Sweden for the moment. Therefore I want to start teaching this to other women and spread the light on.You can also see at

  24. Lesa,
    Many thanks for the invite. Korolit is a company with just three services:

    Strategy – Where do you want to go, how and when
    Change – Transform people, process and technology
    Consult – Targeted expert guidance
    People – Developing and finding the right people

    Please take a look at our website and get in contact – Thanks!

  25. Dear Lesa
    Hello! Thanks for sharing this! So to introduce myself I’m Jennifer Sanders at Balance On Purpose. I reveal your soul purpose and help you easily step into the balance you were designed to have at soul level! I’m a custom-yoga designer and psychic healer too. I’d love to share my yoga course ‘Everyday Yoga’ with you please check out my special offer and free bonus if you sign up by this Friday 27th September! sending lots of love xxx

  26. Hello Lesa. Thank you for this great idea!

    I’m Naaz Hosseini, voice empowerment coach. My business is Powerful Presence and I’m delighted to offer my FREE e-book, “Speak from Your Heart: Six Steps to Engage, Inspire, and Impact Your Audience”.
    Just click here: and sign up for it at the top of the page.

    I help corporate and entrepreneurial women step into their vocal power to command the attention and respect they deserve.

    I’m totally looking forward to your 31 day blogging challenge!

    Be well, be sound, be vibrant!
    Naaz Hosseini
    Powerful Presence

  27. Thank you for the invitation to share!
    I am Claudia Olivos, Artist- with my partner in love/life & art: SergiOlivosM we run a creative ART practice which no only includes selling our own unique ART… but also sharing the love of art with others via teaching, coaching, art tours- live and online too!

    Check us out at:
    and our blog:
    and facebook too!

  28. Hi Lesa,Thank you so much for the opportunity to write about my business on your blog. I am interior designer and blogger, writing about all things design on my blog L’Essenziale – My posts include articles on design process and theory, industry news and trends, history of styles, beautiful interiors and inspiring ideas.
    I also own an online home decor shop, where we sell carefully selected hand-crafted objects found in the countries of the Ancient Silk Route. It is an eclectic mixture of oriental rugs, tableware, ceramics, art and decorative objects. To check it out please visit my blog and then go to “Visit my Boutique” page.

  29. Thanks for setting this up Lesa!

    My blog is a teaser for the Worldwide Coaching Magazine. This magazine is published monthly via iTunes and Google Play and aimed at life, business and executive coaches across the globe. Designed specifically for iPads and other Android tablets, but you can order a printed version as well.

    Filled with thought provoking articles, videos of life coaching sessions, coaching tools and the latest research in professional development.

  30. Hi Lesa! Thank you for the invite to post here.

    Our website focuses on posting health and nutrition information, specifically with a focus on eczema. We hope to educate eczema sufferers to equip themselves with the tools they need to heal. We also publish recipes, nutrition information, and the latest news!

  31. Thank you so much for the invite i am a mental health counselor and life coach and my blogs are self help tips and advice on overcoming mental health issues as well as website links to organizations for help.

  32. I am the founder of Women’s LifeLink, Journey to Purpose Coach, and passionate messenger to women. I love meeting new people and look forward to any connections made through your wonderful site. Cheers!

  33. Oh geez Lesa, I just sent you a personal Twitter message asking if a FB group has been sent up where I could post my link and check out other bloggers’ links and now I find this! OOPS. This is great. I am having a LOT of fun participating in the 31 Day Blog Challenge. So far, so good (lol ~day 2, I know, I know…). To check out my posts I can be found at The blogs are usually on the subject of self-esteem, as that is my field of practice. Actually, my practice is “Gestalt” which means “whole” and is built on the belief that we are each born whole/gestalt. Along the path of life, we are systematically taught to dis-own huge chunks of the self. And so, like Humpty Dumpty, we must put the pieces together again. You can well imagine that when the subject of the website and of most of the blog posts is human transformation, there is a LOT to write about. Come and play in my playground. You can also check out my books, and download a TON of freebies ~All designed to raise your self-esteem level and make you fall in love with the most important person. (You, in case you missed it!) Love your garden Lesa. Now come and play in mine. 🙂

  34. Hi Lesa! Thank you for the invite to share! It is much appreciated. My blog is about my journey to healing over the last 3 years, and, more recently, healing my rape. My goal over time is to help other rape and sexual assault victims to heal. I’m happy to help others by sharing their blogs and would also appreciate people visiting, commenting on and/or sharing mine. Many, many thanks.

  35. Thank you very much Lesa! I will definitely be sharing the love as this is a great opportunity.I am a weight loss strategist, at Jessica Marie Energy, helping busy moms naturally lose weight and regain balance in their lives while still enjoying quality family time all without altering their busy schedules. Every mom wants to spend time with her children and already lives a hectic life so why make weight loss one more thing to stress about. Instead make weight loss a part of your lifestyle so you can lose weight without altering your life. I am a full-time mom, spouse, and business owner. I know what it\’s like to have an already busy schedule; the last thing I need is something else taking my time away from my family. That is why I went on a mission to research, explore and utilize many of the weight loss tools and programs available today. What I discovered was that either they a) took up too much of my already non-existent time or b) they involved ingesting some foreign pill, drink, shake or food item. Neither of these were good for me if I wanted to lose weight and still uphold my values, priorities and beliefs. After all my research and exploration I slowly pieced together a weight loss plan that would work with me and my life rather than against. I figured out the best way to lose weight from the convenience of my own home (or outdoors…no gym involved), eating what I loved, eating when I needed to, saving my body from potentially harmful substances, and living along with my values, beliefs, and priorities.I am now sharing this with moms all over the world and would love you to be the next to lose 50, 100, or even 200 pounds.

  36. Thanks Lesa. Great idea!

    I help Consultants, Coaches & other Client-Getting Entrepreneurs use Social Media to Make Money, Boost Visibility, Build Credibility and Generate Buzz.

    My business is called Social Media Profit Agency. My most active network is LinkedIn. Second is Facebook. I’m also on Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and Google Plus.

    All the best to you,

  37. Lesa,
    What a great and incredibly generous idea. My blog, The Best Practice Manager, began primarily to provide information and generate a conversation about employee engagement. It’s a lighthearted look at sometimes heavy subjects.
    Like most people, I am on a constant crusade for personal and professional improvement. The more I research this subject, the more I believe everything we do has an impact on employee engagement, it’s not just the salary, the pizza parties, the pats on the back. It’s the impact of a myriad of ways in which we each behave as leaders and employees, every minute of every day. It’s also about who we really are, at home and at work – is it the same person? It’s about how we engage in life.
    I hope you’ll take a moment to drop by and have a laugh and learn.

  38. Hi lesa,

    thank you for the support on Twitter. We have just launched our new website. One Life Coach and one Yoga Teacher, found there was something missing when it came to marketing and connecting on the internet. Having a website is great, but it is not enough if you wish to build a business and get noticed.
    We created A community oriented website where Coaches of all specialities can find new clients, while connecting with like minded passionate Coaches. There is no small print and no expensive fees. Come check us out!

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