Conversation Marketing

The new business model is based on relationships — and the conversations that result from those relationships.

Social Media has changed marketing forever.  No longer can a business simply talk at its audience; now that audience can talk back — and does, even when the business itself isn’t paying attention.

Conversation Marketing is about harnessing this two-way communication, engaging in it in an intentional and value-driven way, and using it to drive business growth.Conversation Marketing

A great way to visualize Conversation Marketing is to imagine your brand’s message as a  circle that contains the topics that you want to talk about and share with your potential clients.

Your community, likewise, is engaging in a conversation with each other within another circle.

Effective Conversation Marketing occurs where the circles overlap.

Once you find this overlap, you know where to focus your marketing efforts.

Some things to consider about Conversation Marketing:

  1. Conversations involve two (or more) willing participants.  Conversation without permission is seen at best as an interruption, and at worst as an interrogation.
  2. Good conversations require LISTENING as well as talking.  In a conversation, both participants have an opportunity to talk, to stand in the spotlight and share their point of view.
  3. Conversations bring value to both parties.  Conversation Marketing is always focused on the customer and their needs, which brings value to the customer.  Most other types of marketing only benefit the seller or business.
  4. Conversations build relationships.  The relationship between company/brand and the customer is strengthened through Conversation Marketing, whether or not a transaction takes place.  In other words, the customer is always left in a better place than before the conversation took place.

Conversation Marketing helps your business sell more without ever having to “sell” anyone on anything.

Regardless of how engaged your business is now in the conversation, we can help you to strengthen it.