10 Guidelines for Successful Email Marketing — 5 Comments

  1. Lesa,
    Thank you for this blog,now i have an idea on how to start my online business,by simply doing the email marketing. It is easy and cost effective. And i will always keep in mind the guidelines that govern the email marketing to make the campaign effective.

  2. I love giving exclusive content and freebies, whether my own or links to useful resources and have the love reciprocated on more than one occasion when a subscriber has written back to thank me!

  3. Tried and tested they are the best guide lines but one more things that I would want to add here is that most of the emails we shoot land in the spam box of the users email box, so try to choose a subject of the email which should be more natural rather than a pre-made email template which most of us use.

  4. If you are willing to get a good revenue from your email marketing, you must follow the above steps. These tips are really very effective to make your email marketing successful. Thanks for your valuable post…..

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