10 Reasons I am Grateful for the 31 Day Blogging Challenge — 3 Comments

  1. I love your ten reasons Lesa. Almost as much as I’ve loved being part of the 31 day challenge – so I’ve signed myself up for October already. It will be a lot harder then, because it’s my busy season. So I’ll not beat myself up if I don’t make all 31.

    All being well I will have posted 31 blogs in the 31 days of July. Thank you so much for the challenge. It’s been a great event, and I’ve rarely had to struggle for something to write. When I have done, I’ve found inspiration in your helpful topics – I’ve reviewed books, interviewed my designer and had a couple of people guest post for me. Plus, I’ve had great feedback and seen my website stats shoot up from around 5 a day to 897 so far this month. Granted, lots of that is spam, yet I’ve had an average visit duration of over 3 minutes, so someone’s reading my stuff!

    On top of that I’ve found some other great blogs and connected with some great women.

    Thank you


  2. Lesa – It’s been a great month and a total success. I’m right behind Tilla on the sign up page for October. Thanks for all the effort you put into this. You’re a good organizer and a great cheerleader.

  3. This is great post Lesa. I have so far put 2 posts out which is double my usual output. In addition though I’ve agreed to a column in a regional newspaper, found 2 opportunities to guest blog for people who are close to my niche. I’ve had a couple of shares and the odd comment. I have a file of part done blogs which when I revisit them may well be closer to complete than they felt when I put them to one side. I’ve got a file with all your tip posts in which have given me loads of ideas. I’d be really keen to sign up again in the future.

    Thanks and hope to connect again soon

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