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This challenge created new momentum for the future!

testimonial-kellie-rae I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful posts and the encouraging emails for those of us who took your blogging challenge this month. I have made such great progress and am enjoying all of the new friends and contacts I’ve made. This challenge has really changed the course of my business and created new momentum for the future! Thanks!

Kellie Rae
Womens Life Link

Being able to see that I’m making a difference has been making me tear up…

amanda-breseeIt’s been wonderful already. I’ve had 3 new people post on each of my 2 blogs already and just being able to see that I’m making a difference with my postings has been making me want to tear up. This is an AMAZING thing that you’re hosting Lesa! I’m so glad that I decided to participate. I may not do more than 2-3 postings in a week but for me that’s FANTASTIC, so…thank you!

Amanda Bresee
Claim It Live It

Just when I thought I’d be at a loss for words, I find them flowing…

testimonialI heard about this challenge from a friend, who is also participating. I’ve started and never kept up with, a million blogs in the past. I took this challenge as an opportunity to push myself to carrying through with a blog for once, LOL. Just when I thought I’d be at a loss for words, I find them flowing and manage to put together posts one to two days ahead. Thank you for putting this together. Its giving me a personal mission to complete and the fact that I made it to day 5 is progress in itself! LOL

Gravy Stains

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

testimonial-lisa-friedtI can’t even begin to tell you how rewarding this challenge has been for me. It is changing my life! And my blog’s life and my business health. Thank you for the work that you have put in to arranging it. I am blessed and proud to be part of it!

Dream It Achieve It

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