5 Ways Surveys Can Help Grow Your Business — 16 Comments

  1. Knowing what your clients want from your business and what they would like to change is probably the most important part of any marketing campaign since by knowing what the interest of your clients are can help you market your products in a much more effective way…

    • Recently, I considered increasing the publication schedule for my newsletter. After all, all of the “experts” tell you to publish more often. However, before I did, I decided to survey my subscribers and find out what they thought of my plan. Guess what? They actually like my current, every 3 week, schedule just fine! As business owners, we often believe that we have to have all of the answers and somehow just know what our customers want from us. But in truth, we can’t. We can guess. And sometimes we’ll be right and sometimes we won’t. Using surveys to find out what your customers actually want makes this whole process a lot easier and a whole lot less stressful.

  2. Hi Lesa,

    This is a great post for many people to read. If your business is developed to the point where you can dig in to a client list and send them a number of survey questions, you should be able to focus on your target more closely. I might also suggest a man on the street survey for great information and just plain fun.

    Lou Barba

    • Lou, you’ve made an assumption here that I’d like to correct, in case others have made the same assumption. You don’t need to wait until your “business is developed” before you make use of surveys. In actuality, surveys can help someone start a business and guarantee they are creating something that people actually want and will pay for! Spending a little time and effort doing a survey BEFORE launching a business can save you tons of money in the long run. There are many places online that will send your survey out to a pool of survey takers so you don’t even have to have a list (although you do need to know what kind of person would be interested in your offer). I’ll be doing a post on where to find these respondents “who don’t yet know you” soon. It’s a great source for the “man on the street.”

  3. Lesa,
     Thank you for such a concise rundown! A fantastic way for the consumers to tell you what they really want and for you to be able to work toward that goal without having too shoot in the dark. I used to never want to participate in surveys until I started seeing the benefit it was to my work. Now I almost always do! The aspect I hadn’t thought of that a survey would be helpful for is I’m creating a list of interested  customers.

    • Rebecca, A survey is how I launched my own business. The results I obtained helped me to structure my business so that it met the needs of my clients right off the bat. Plus, I asked the respondents if they were interested in subscribing to my newsletter, and used those names and email addresses to get my new newsletter started. If you create your survey so that you connect with those who complete it, you’ll find that most will actually want you to follow up with them.

      Taking surveys is a great way to give yourself exposure to some great survey questions and see how the “experts” ask questions that might help you in your business. The big successful companies use pay thousands of dollars to experts to create these surveys for them. You can get the benefit of that expertise by simply taking surveys and paying attention.

      I hope you consider using a survey in your business as well. You might learn something surprising.

  4. Great points about how to use surveys to listen to our customers, Lesa. We don’t a good enough job of truly listening to others in life. If you’re a business, this inability to listen to your customers and engage in an ongoing dialogue with them can hurt you. Surveys can help change that.

    • Every business should be engaged in listening to its customers, be it with survey or some other tool. Knowing what your customers think about your business and what you offer can help you to remain relevant to them. Ignore what they want, and you may find yourself without a business at all.

  5. Thanks Lesa:) I’m a huge fan of surveys and am always surprised that more people aren’t using them.

    Not only are they great to find out more about what your customers actually want but you can also turn the results into a blog and I once had one of my surveys published in a newspaper too – great for PR:)

    • I’m glad to see that you’ve had success with surveys. Hopefully, that will inspire others to give them a try.

      I haven’t yet published any survey results as a blog post. What a great idea!

  6. Hi Lesa,

    Those are 5 very important tips for a business to grow. If someone is trying to build their business but they are ignoring those important areas they are sure to keep from growing.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Good suggestions Lesa, that I agree with. One easy option to survey new potential customers is to pick Linkedin groups in your niche and make a poll.

  8. Lesa,
    A great article on the importance of using surveys. I was at Esso the other day and a girl surveyed me and every driver at the station.

    Some of the questions were “why did you choose Esso?”, “what special offers can you remember that Esso provides?”, “which other petrol station do you visit?”.

    Seems like huge companies like Esso thinks surveying is important.

    • As a small business person, it is easy to look at the big businesses and think “that doesn’t apply to me,” but this is a mistake. When big businesses do something, there is usually a very good reason. So, before ignoring the example of big business, it is wise to figure out that reason first. In the case of surveys, that reason is that surveys are one of the best measures of your effectiveness as a business. Most people won’t share their opinions directly; they will just take their business elsewhere if they are unhappy. Surveys help you to find these potential sources of discontent early and fix them before it is too late. Great point. Thanks for bringing it up.

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