7 Cool WordPress Plugins — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Lesa,

    You have listed some great plugins here. By far, I think the most important in Comment luv. Comments are the soul of your blog. They turn your blog into a conversation and help you to build relationships with your readers. So having a plugin that rewards your active readers with a link back to their site makes perfect sense. Having this plugin can even entice readers to leave comments!

    • I see more and more blogs using CommentLuv, which is a great thing. It takes time to think of a value-added comment and it is good to reward that time commitment. But you also have to have valuable content that is well organized, or people won’t be inspired to comment, even with CommentLuv installed. And that’s where some of the other plugins can really help make your blog more worth visiting (hopefully, again and again).

  2. Hi Lesa,
    It took me four months before I started getting steady comments on my blog. This happened almost immediately after I installed CommenLuv. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants more comments on their posts.

    • CommentLuv is still one of my personal favorites and something that everyone running a WordPress blog should use, IMO. In addition to promoting commenting on my blog, CommentLuv is also responsible for some fairly regular traffic as well. Every month, I receive visitors to my blog via those Luv links that appear in comments I’ve left on other blogs. That’s a great return on your investment.

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