7 Ways to Sign More Clients Without Selling — 2 Comments

  1. Excellent post Lesa. I really couldn’t agree more. The times I have heard xxx doesn’t “like feeling like a “salesperson.”

    But for me also, in a way if you don’t like feeling like a sales person… should you be in sales? I know people who love to sell even when not at work! THEY are meant to be in sales as it’s not a dirty word for them. I also totally get and concur with what you are saying – it doesn’t have to be a relentless sales pitch either.

    The other thing I might add a little to is point no.7. Whilst learning to recognize when a sales prospect is just not for you, I think you should pay some attention to the outcome because you need to be aware if what you are selling is simply unwanted.

    • Being unattached to the outcome is not the same thing as not paying attention. When you are unattached, how YOU feel is not affected by whether or not someone signs up with you: if they say yes, it is right for them, and if they say no it isn’t. It’s about taking yourself out of the equation and just letting it be.

      But you are right that you should pay attention to the effect that your efforts are having. If you are offering the right product/service to the right audience, you should find that there are more people will want to move forward with you than there are that don’t. If this isn’t the case, either find a different audience, or change what you are offering. You should never have to strong arm someone into working with you.

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