About Conversation2Sales

To succeed in business today, you must be actively engaged in conversation with your prospects and clients; you must LISTEN as well as talk.

Conversation2Sales represents the heart of this modern marketing — the conversation.

Conversation2Sales was started to help service professionals and other self-employed business people learn what they need to do to turn conversations into sales — to market in this new way — and to do it successfully with a minimum investment of time or money.

Engage : Listen : Respond

About Lesa Townsend

Lesa TownsendLesa Townsend has been fascinated by business since she was a child and had her first taste of entrepreneurship in a classroom unit on economics that required her to create and sell items to her classmates.

She started her first business in 1994 with her then-husband and increased sales 300% in less than 3 years.  In 2001, she built her first website for her newest business endeavor, a quilting business.  While she grew her own business, she built websites for friends in her spare time.

In 2008, she set out to learn the world of Internet Marketing.  While taking workshops from industry “gurus” she was disillusioned that all of them recommended solutions that were both expensive and complicated.  Knowing that business building is in itself complicated enough, she launched her new business  — Lesa Townsend and Associates — to support other business people to grow their businesses without spending a fortune on solutions that don’t work.

Conversation2Sales was launched in 2011 to directly address the new marketing paradigm that requires businesses to listen as well as talk.