Have you wondered how come other businesses seem to go from nothing to thriving seemingly overnight?

In the coaching industry, the answer comes down to one thing: affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is nothing more than promoting products, programs, and businesses that are not your own.

Most of the biggest names in the industry started this way — simply by being promoted by people who were more established then they were.

But you can also use affiliate marketing to make money by using your business to promote other businesses, in exchange for a share of the sales you send them.

Making affiliate marketing work for your business, however, takes more than putting a few links on your website, or asking someone to send an email to their list.

After watching my clients struggle with affiliate marketing, not just making it work, but also just understanding how all of the pieces fit together, I realized the other “experts” in the industry all assumed everyone knows this stuff.  They don’t.  And when people don’t know what they don’t know, they can’t possibly be successful.

That is why I put together this free call:

Affiliate Marketing 101:
How to Grow Your Business by
Serving the Needs of Another

In this free call, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly is Affiliate Marketing and how you can use it to grow your business
  • How to structure your commissions for a win-win (and no, it’s not by doing what everyone else is doing).
  • What motivates other people to promote you… and what you can do to encourage them.
  • Problems to look for that can derail your success.

Not only is the call completely FREE, I’m also not going to try to sell you anything on the call either.  I’m doing this just to help YOU to grow your business by giving you some juicy information that other people won’t tell you.

The call will be recorded, but only those who register will have access to the recording.

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Affiliate Marketing 101

Thursday, March 14th

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