Why I Don’t Allow My Content to be Reposted Online — 4 Comments

  1. Google’s most recent update still marks websites that have duplicate content and those associated with them. This post is very important especially to new website owners who are looking to get their sites at the top quickly since many SEO providers still insist on “associating” with sites having duplicate or poorly spun content.

    One way of checking if your site is associated with bad neighborhood sites is to see who links to you. You can do this using a number of backlink checkers on the web.

  2. Thanks for this post! This subject had never occurred to me and you got me thinking. I’d like clarity on one thing.

    Do I understand correctly that the way the Google works NOW, if someone reposts one of my blogs on their site, it is possible that Google will ignore theirs but will count mine because it is the orignal? If so, that does not hurt my ranking of the post and it does give me exposure to the other site’s readers. (I understand that you are also saying the algorithm could change in the future; I’m just talking about now.)

    • Martia,
      Currently, if you allow your content to be reposted (regardless of whether it appears on your site first or not) and you allow this to happen a lot, you risk having your ENTIRE site banned from Google.

      If you site has over a certain percentage — Google has never published the number, but some say 20% — of content that is duplicated from elsewhere on the net, Google will remove YOUR ENTIRE SITE from its database (this algorithm ignores authorship and date of publication and looks only at duplication).

      And getting back in Google’s good graces takes a ton of work and time.

      One or two articles isn’t the issue here. That’s likely fine and will remain fine. But if you regularly repost content — or allow others (intentionally or by not monitoring the web for content poachers) — the risks are just too great.

      Much better policy is simply this: always post ORIGINAL content.

      If someone expresses interest in your article, either allow them to publish an excerpt with a link to the original article, or write something new and original for that audience.

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