Why You Should Blog For Your Business — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Lesa,
    Your Blog is awesome!. I learned so much from it. Your suggestions to write a blog are very helpful especially for people like me who just started blogging.

    Thank you so much,

  2. Hi Lesa,

    I love your idea of keeping a running list of blog inspirations. It’s helpful to be reminded of how important it is to have quality content that draws potential clients to your services versus just directly promoting your business via social media. I get excited about bringing my audience in from a variety of angles and keeping them engaged with a continued flow of diverse content. Each of your tips is so useful, and I look forward to applying them to my blogging process.

    The current challenge I’m having, I believe, is determining how best to arrange the variety of offerings I wish to display on my website and coming up with blog posts that will manage to highlight the wide range of offerings without becoming too scattered. There are so many interests I have and services I want to offer, and I would just want to make sure the blog is streamlined and balanced so that I can maintain a steady readership. I guess it’s a matter of finding that balance point between each of my offerings.

    I’m bookmarking this post for later reference, and so appreciate your clear and comprehensive advice!



    • Kathleen, Don’t offer a “wide range of offerings”! You will be much more successful with a tight focus how you help your clients. Not only does it make it easy for the client to know when to hire you, but it also makes it easy for people to refer you when they know exactly what you do. Additionally, a tight focus makes it easier for search engines to display your content when people search for what you do (Google wants your business to create a “brand” that stands for something).

      I’d highly recommend you pick the services that you excel at and enjoy the most and let the rest go. Feel free to offer those other services to existing clients if they have need of them, but don’t include them in your marketing (or your blog).

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