Broken Links Equal Lost Traffic — 3 Comments

  1. I have used broken link checker and it works great. I’ve never used smart 404, but it seems handy when sometimes you don’t get to check broken link checker for picked up broken links.

    Instead of your visitors having to guess what the heck happened to your page, smart 404 plugin does it for them by redirecting them to a page. Nice. Thanks!

  2. Great advice about broken links and these plugins are very helpful. You are definitely right that broken links can cost you traffic and that costs you customers.

    At SpringTrax, we track how many customers are lost due to broken links. On average, we see that around 60% of people who visit an error page leave the website. Other surveys (like put that at 70% who leave.

    Regardless, that is a lot of people leaving due to broken links. So, it is very important to always monitor and correct your site’s broken links.

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