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    • If there were awards given for plugins, the creators of GASP would win hands down. It remains one of my favorites. Glad to hear there are other fans out there as well.

  1. I use Akismet and it’s astounding to see how quickly that Spam folder fills up with complete junk. Some of the posts are hilarious because of how inappropriate they are to the post they are supposedly commenting about – obviously someone has paid a “virtual assistant” to post at lots of sites but these comments go straight to the trash, and deservedly so. A quick way to tell if a comment is really from a genuine person is they will have a gravatar (photo of themselves) with the comment and their website URL will not be some obvious merchant site. Thanks for the post!

    • Thanks for the comment, Evelyn. Yes, dealing with spam comments can be time consuming and thankfully there are some great plugins to help.

      Most of those spam comments that you are seeing are actually not left by real people at all, but by automatic programs called “spam bots.” That is why the comment doesn’t relate at all to the subject of the post — the program can’t actually read!

      And this is why I prefer the Growmap Anti spam Plugin over Akismet. The GASP plugin has a field that is viewable to the spambots but not to humans. If this field gets filled in — and spam bots can’t resist — then the comment is trashed. It doesn’t even appear in your spam folder for you to deal with. It is simply gone.

      I think if you switch, you’ll find a lot of things to like about the GASP plugin. It’s free and I don’t receive any benefit by referring it to you. It’s just one of my all-time favorite wordpress plugins.

    • No, comment areas are not part of every website. They are most common on blogs or websites built on the WordPress platform, but even then, you always have the option to disable commenting entirely.

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