Is Copying Someone Else a Path to Success? — 3 Comments

  1. I really appreciate how you emphasize the importance of finding what works for you, taking risks, and experimenting to achieve online success. This resonates much more than simply copying what you believe others are doing, especially if you don’t know the backstory and the details behind their approach. Thanks for pointing out all the blindspots that can arise when trying to simply copy successful online entrepreneurs. You’ve provided a great shortcut to discovering what really works for each individual.

    • The path to success is an individual one. The sooner you realize this… and get on with finding your own way… the more successful you will be. No matter what some expert wants to tell you in order to sell a high priced program.

  2. Absolutely. I really love this perspective and am working on turning inward to find the answers in many areas of my life. This post encourages me to do this in my business pursuits as well, and to take only the advice and wisdom from others that resonates with my personal path while leaving the rest.

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