Do I Really Need a Twitter Account? — 7 Comments

  1. Great post! I love the tips on thinking of the ideal client and their challenges. I’m implementing your 3-step process today. Also interesting is the fact that Twitter is designed to help us reach out to people/companies we don’t know while the others are really to connect with our current network. I hadn’t thought of Twitter in that way before. Thanks Lesa — and great leadership with the #31dbc!

  2. I absolutely agree. In the early days I didn’t “get” Twitter. Pretty much like all of us don’t “get” something until we can see the value. I’ve met many local businesses via #YorkshireHour and through interesting RTs. In a couple of weeks I’m going to meet many of them in person at a TweetUp in a fantastic location.

  3. Thanks for the post… My learning curve is HUGE right now… Before this BLOG challenge, I did not have Twitter.
    My stick-toitiveness muscle had to kick in. I see the value… Experienced the value in LINKEDIN and it paid off tenfold. So I’m ready to learn the Twitter world and share…

  4. I originally joined twitter at the request of a someone I’d just started dating (who coincidentally I’m now engaged to marry :)). At first I used it just like Facebook, just connecting with people I knew in real life and I was BORED and consequently almost never used it. This year I vowed to try and tweet inspirational things when they popped into my mind and then when I started blogging again, I figured it couldn’t hurt to tell people on Twitter. Less than a week later (after following many people I didn’t already know) I saw your post about the #31dbc. My blog readership has increased Significantly and I’m not even blogging how-tos on important stuff, just my thoughts about life, love and spirituality. It’s been an amazing experience and Twitter was the reason I found your challenge in the first place. Now that I’ve read your tips, I can think of a few more things I need to do with my account, but I’m headed in the right direction. 🙂 THANKS.

  5. This was such a worthwhile read as it “plugged a few gaps” for me.loved the bit about thinking what you customers want. The comments left by others were useful too, so thank you all.

  6. Lesa, this is synchronicity in action! I just got off the phone with my corporate mentor to whom I had just been explaining the Twitter-sphere. It was like a test showing me how much I’d learned about the value and function of Twitter as a result of using it in your 31 Day Blogging Challenge. In the two weeks of the challenge, I’ve joined a speakers group on twitter and participate in weekly informative chats with them. I’ve stumbled on another group chat for leaders. Fascinating and informative. And I’ve been connecting with many of these people – people who I didn’t know or have access to in other ways. The world opens up in the Twitter-sphere! The gifts keep coming! Thank you, Lesa.

  7. I just get so overwhelmed with all of the social media options. I still get most of my clients and work from face to face interaction because I haven’t figured out how to launch a successful marketing campaign over social media to attract serious clients. Reading your 3 step process for finding clients on Twitter sparked an idea that I want to try out.

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