DuckDuckGo: The Unknown Search Engine You Shouldn’t Ignore — 6 Comments

  1. Duck Duck Go is new to me. So is the advice to see what key words the smaller search engines use is new and exciting and useful to me.
    This is fresh. I guess I’ve been kind of Google centric. Time to look farther afield in my research.
    Thanks for informing me!

  2. Duck Duck Go is something new to me and I really don’t know about this. Anyway, thanks for the information about it and I will know this more.

  3. I found only some of my pages on this new search engine. I guess it takes time, or I have to start building links again…

    • It does take time for DuckDuckGo to catalog all of your site’s pages. There are 600+ pages of my site on Google; DuckDuckGo has about 10% of that. DuckDuckGo relies on links exclusively to find your content, so the more links your site has, the more likely it will find all of your pages. In addition to a backlink campaign, which can help your rankings in ALL search engines, make sure your site itself is well linked internally: it should only take two clicks to get to any page on your site. Some techniques to help: interlink your pages with text links, make sure all links are functional, and create a sitemap , which will help your human visitors locate your content as well.

  4. Lesa, you consistently come up with the best information! Wow. Who knew?? I had never heard of DuckDuckGo. And here I see you’ve known for a couple of years!? I think it’s time I hire someone to take care of my techie stuff and free me up for what I do best (Empowering Others with gestalt self-esteem building techniques). I have increasingly more respect for you each day as I read your posts. Thank you, sincerely for all you do.

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