Here are the answers to some of the most common questions about the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. If you don’t find your answer, please send us your question and we’ll respond promptly.

Q. Who is the challenge for? Do you have to write a certain type of blog in order to participate?

A. This challenge is for any blogger who’d like support (and a bit of competition) to write more regularly. We all get busy and our blogs can sometimes suffer for it. This challenge will help you to find the time in your busy schedule to write for your blog. You do not need to write a particular type of blog in order to participate, but do keep it family friendly.

Q. Do I have to write and publish a blog post every day of the challenge?

A. While writing a post a day and publishing it the same day is the most straight-forward way to participate, it isn’t the only way. If you don’t want to write on the weekends, write extra on Friday and just publish them on the weekend. Or if a client project keeps you from writing for a few days, catch up when you can. The idea is to get to the end of the month with 30 blog posts; how you accomplish that is totally up to you.

Q. What counts as a post? Can I link to other materials online and have that count?

A. The idea of the Challenge is to gain visibility for your blog. If you’d like some of that visibility to be via search engines, then you need to create posts that have enough content for the search engines to accurately catalog. A good rule of thumb is to shoot for a word length of 200-1500 words; 200 words are needed for the search engines to know what you are talking about, more than 1,500 words is too long for your visitor to sit through (unless it’s a how-to article).

You can embed videos in your post, or link to other materials online; just make sure you add about 200 words of your own comments to it and you’ll be good to go.

Q. What about Guest Posts?  Do they count towards the 30 posts?

A. This Challenge is designed to get you, the blog owner, into the habit of writing and publishing more often.  That being said, having others write for your blog kind of defeats the purpose, but ultimately, it’s your Challenge, so you can participate in any way you choose.  However, guest posts won’t count towards the 30 post requirement to enter the prize drawing.

Q.  I have a Facebook page, but not a blog, can I still participate?

A.  Posting on Facebook and writing a blog are two entirely different things and require different strategies to be successful.  For this reason, Facebook pages are not considered blogs for this Challenge.  You are welcome to sign up for the Challenge to learn about blogging, and join the Facebook group, but you won’t be eligible for the prize drawing without publishing 30 actual blog posts.

Q. How can I locate the other bloggers who are participating in the Challenge?

A. We have created a private Facebook group for the Challenge.  Use the group to post links to your new blog posts, ask for support, and connect.  There’s also a “Meet the Bloggers” document under “Files” where you can add your name and a link to your blog.

Q. Do you provide a participant badge that I can post on my blog to advertise my participation?

A. Yes, we do.  We’ll send you more information after you sign up.  Note: posting this badge is completely optional.

Q. What is the benefit of commenting on other people’s blog posts? This seems like a waste of time when I’m already busy trying to keep up with the Challenge.

A. There are many benefits to commenting on blogs: creating a conversation with other bloggers, connecting with other bloggers for possible future opportunities, learning from what other people know that you do not, and simply expanding your horizons. These are all worthwhile reasons to comment on other blogs. However, when it comes to increasing the effectiveness and reach of your blog, the links that you create from your comment back to your blog are really great for Search Engine Optimization. There isn’t room here to describe all of those benefits, so please see this post for more information. Even if you are busy, try to do at least a bit of commenting on other people’s blog posts as part of your participation in the Challenge. The benefits really are worth it.

Q. I missed one of your emails with blogging tips. How can I get this information?

A. You can find links to the Archives from any of the emails that were sent to you for the Challenge.  Simply click “View this message in your browser” at the top of the email; then click the “Past Issues” button.

Q. I don’t think I can successfully publish 30 posts in 30 days. Should I still sign up for the Challenge?

A. There’s a lot to learn about yourself as a blogger from participating in a blogging challenge like this and those lessons aren’t limited to those who complete all 30 posts. You might learn that you have a lot more to say than you thought you did…. or you are a better writer than you thought… or creating a writing habit makes writing take less time… or writing is a lot more fun when you don’t feel like you are the only one doing it. Sign up and participate. There’s no cost and no one is going to hassle you about how much you publish (or don’t). You might be surprised at what you accomplish.

Q. You are offering prizes to those who complete the Challenge. What are the prizes and how to do I claim one?

A. To inspire you to actually complete the Challenge with 30 blog posts, everyone who successfully publishes 30 posts during the Challenge will be entered into a drawing for some great prizes designed to help you improve your blog.  First Prize: one-on-one blog coaching session (value $60).  Second Prize: SEO for Bloggers and Other Content Creators Course (value $47).  Third Prize: Graphics Package (value $25). At the end of the Challenge, we’ll tell you how to submit your entry for the prize drawing.

Q. This Challenge is cool and I’d like to help you get the word out.  How do I do that?

A. The more participants we have, the more fun the Challenge becomes, so thanks for your help sharing the Challenge.   Visit the sign up page for the Challenge and simply use the social share buttons that appear along the left side.