Introduction to Website Traffic Data via Google Analytics — 2 Comments

  1. Hiya Lesa, Great blog topic! I was wondering the other day what to make of the google analytics on my pages, now I know!

    Q: what is considered a good conversion rate + how do I increase it?

    Many Thanks! C

    • Cristy,
      Conversion rates are generally really low, under 5.0%. Yes, 5%! (Much lower than most business people assume). That means that if you send 100 people to your optin, you can expect that less than 5 will actually sign up. When you do the math (which I did in this post), the numbers needed for success online become staggering.

      Does this mean you should give up marketing online? No. What it does mean is that you need to focus on getting your offer in front of a targeted audience, rather than just any audience. The closer your offer matches the needs of the prospect, the more likely he will say yes, and say yes in higher numbers than just 5%.

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