Honest Review of FREE Online Survey Tools — 6 Comments

  1. If it is an honest feedback why are the top survey softwares not mentioned here like Fluid Survey,SoGoSurvey and Survey Monkey?
    They have been in business for long and are extremely useful.

  2. Yesterday my tutor surprised me and my classmates with a research assignment. Could we please conduct a market research survey with a minimum of 10 questions and with at least 50 respondents and of course the results should be neatly analysed. Sure, okay? Oh, and within three weeks please. Ehhh….

    Well, I immediately knew I wanted to use an online survey tool. No interviewing people in the streets or going door to door. The first (and only) tool that sprang to mind was Survey Monkey. They have some good marketing people there! On their website they have a free plan that includes nice features but lacks some important ones that I was looking for. You can get these features but you’ll end up with a monthly plan. For me, as a student a) not affordable and b) not cost effective as I only have to conduct a few surveys during my student years.

    Thanks to your review of online survey tools, I now have other options.

  3. Hi Lesa,

    We have a survey tool that could be a great addition to your list. It’s called Super Simple Survey.

    Our biggest pluses are that we have no feature limitations whatsoever (even on our free package), and that we have the easiest-to-use survey creator out there (although I might be slightly biased, so please do take a look yourself).

    I’d love to hear what you think.


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