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  1. I just built a membership site from a video based training that had me do alot of cool things. I am using permalinks as you describe, but I am stuck on how I can get my main url to show up. It’s just 404. i was told that I might fix this in permalinks. Is this true?

    I tried a few things but nothing is working, and I don’t know much in wordpress.

    Wondering if you have an idea that might work?

    Stay Creative,

    • Scott,
      You mention that you’ve “tried few things” but not what they are. It would be easier to help if I knew what you’ve already tried. However, I suspect the issue is your name server settings in your hosting company account. These “nameservers” indicate where on the net your website resides, much like your street name helps people to locate your house. Giving someone only your house number wouldn’t help them find your house; they have to first locate your street, then follow an established organization pattern to locate your specific house on that street. Permalinks create the organization pattern behind the url structure used to asign what amounts to “house numbers” for every page on your website; they help locate specific pages on your site but not locate the site itself.

      When you buy a domain name, you usually have to manually set the nameservers yourself in your hosting account. The instructions on how to do this should have been included in the email sent to you when you purchased your hosting plan. The process varies slighly by hosting company, but is usually something that you can do yourself.

      Once you set the nameservers, it will take 24-48 hours for that information to propigate accross the web, so don’t be alarmed if you can’t access your site immediately.

      If you’ve already done this and are still experiencing the 404 errors, let me know, as well as all the other things you’ve done to try and fix this issue.

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