How to Take a Vacation without Losing Business — 3 Comments

  1. This is so helpful, and there are surprising tips in here that I hadn’t considered. I love the approach you suggest for vacations: “treat it like a commitment to your biggest client.” I also hadn’t given thought to the fact criminals eye social media for targets so I appreciate you pointing that out.

    Your advice on giving your brain permission to NOT remember is invaluable… I feel like that’s the ultimate key to truly being on vacation even if you choose to just take a week off at home. Changing your mental state and allowing yourself to temporarily forget your to-do’s seems like the perfect way to deeply relax and then come back fully refreshed for work.

    • Kathleen,
      Have you read, Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen? The point he makes throughout his book is that we rely on our brains for remembering and this isn’t the best use of the organ in our skulls. Our brains are actually better suited to creativity and higher level thinking, but when we ask them to remember to remind us to pick up milk or call our mother, we add undue stress to our system. So the key to “getting things done” is to create a SYSTEM to remind you so your brain doesn’t have to. It’s amazing how much more restful all of your time away is — even just the bits at the end of the day — when you give your brain permission to stop being hyper viligant about so many details.

      I hope you use these tips to enjoy many vacations this year.


  2. Lesa,

    Wow, thank you… This is so helpful. My workload really picked up significantly over the past year, and I was taking on and learning many new skills. I found I felt like I was doing work in my dreams, and my first thought upon waking would be about some task I had to get done. My mind was constantly “on” in regards to work, and since I’ve shifted my work responsibilities over the past month, I’ve realized how stressful this has been for me! Making the mental shift seems vital, and I appreciate your suggestion of coming up with a system to keep things organized and give the mind a break. I also was not aware that remembering isn’t something we should so heavily burden our minds with. I will definitely look into that book, and look forward to increased productivity, minimal stress, and many vacations! Thanks!


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