Protecting Your PDF Documents Online — 9 Comments

  1. Lesa, 
    I think an  estore is a great option! It not makes your products easy to locate and secure but keeps it all organized.

  2. Hi Lesa,

    I had always seen eBooks that were once being sold, now suddenly for free on some third party website and wasn’t sure how that happened. So this was a real eye opener! When I start implementing more paid programs, this will definitely come in handy.

    Thanks so much for the assistance with protecting our hard earned work. 🙂

    • If something is posted somewhere online, people can find it, steal it, or share it with others. It’s important to remember this and take steps to protect your materials online. No system is prefect and if someone *really* wants to hack into your site and steal your stuff, they probably will. But you don’t need to leave the door open and the lights on for them! Just a couple of easy — and free! — steps can make all the difference.

  3. I agree, eStore is the best place to keep your documents safe and secured. Estore is very well-organized and i think it would help.

  4. I love this article-it’s so useful and clear, with simple steps to protect your hard work. Thanks so much for sharing. I know someone who really needs to read this as they’re too afraid to upload their ebook for fear of it being ‘stolen’ online. Cheers

  5. This was great advice Lesa. I’ve only just worked out how to upload documents as PDF files on my site but plan to do more in the future and had never even thought of protecting them.

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