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You’ve got Conversation Marketing nailed!

Your business understands two big truths about marketing in today’s world:
1. Not everyone is ready for the solution you offer.
2. People respond best to solutions that are designed specifically for their needs.

By using Conversations to engage your audience where they are, you can determine which prospects are likely to be most interested in your products/services AND offer them the solution that best fits their needs.

You also understand that you, and your business, must remain in touch with your intended market if you are to continue to keep your finger “on the pulse” of their needs.

Based on the answers to this quiz, your business is already implementing conversational marketing techniques. However, you may find some material on my blog useful.  In particular, I’d suggest you check out:

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I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.  Please feel free to share your insights on how to grow your business with Conversation Marketing.