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Affiliate Marketing Fundamentals

Affiliate Program:  One of the best ways to increase your sales online is to recruit affiliates.  Affiliates are independent individuals and businesses who promote your products and programs in exchange for a percentage of each sale they bring in.  In order to make this work, you have to be able to track where each of your sales is coming from.  To do this, you need to set up some kind of Affiliate Program on your website. Learn more…

Woman on a conference call
Conference Call Line: Meeting with multiple people at once can increase your productivity and your bottom line.  You can use conference call lines to facilitate working with small groups on projects, and you can use them to host your own teleseminar.Finding the right bridge line to host your call on can make or break the success of your endeavor.  There are many companies to choose from, at many price points, but my favorite is free.  They also offer an online meeting platform that is free for up to 25 attendees. Learn more…


Legal Documents Without a Lawyer: When it comes to business relationships — with your partners, consultants, or even your subscribers — written contracts that spell out the specifics of your agreement are definitely worth the time and effort put into writing them. However, most people don’t actually take the time to spell things out in writing mostly out of a belief that all such documents have to be written by a lawyer.  And a lawyer’s time is expensive. While all such documents should follow a standard legal format, they don’t have to be constructed by a lawyer. Learn More


Membership Site Creation: Create a protected area of your site just for your “members” to access.  You can use this area to deliver the downloadable elements of your monthly program, a 6-week virtual course, or for your regular clients.  You an also create a monthly membership “program” where you add new content every month and your members pay monthly access fees.  However you choose to use it, a membership area can add value to your community, while also adding handsomely to your bottom line.   Learn More

Buying with Credit Card
Merchant Account: When you accept credit cards as payment from your customers, you make it easier for them to buy from you.  However, you also take on the responsibility of keeping your customer’s data safe, so make sure you understand both the risks and the benefits before you sign up with a merchant account.  This free training will help you with this important decision. Learn more…

SEO is a confusing puzzle
SEO: You built your website to connect with prospective clients, but it can’t do that if search engines don’t know it exists.  Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is how you provide the search engines with what they need to accurately display your site in search results.  You don’t need a degree in SEO in order to improve how your site performs; you only need to know a few basics that anyone can learn.  This inexpensive course will show you how.  Learn more…

Shopping Cart:  So, you want to sell items from your website?  Physical product?  Digital downloads?  Workshop registrations? Memberships?To manage the sales of your products — whatever form they take — you need a shopping cart.  The shopping cart system you choose for your online sales can make or break your business. Learn More

Social LIke - Thumbs up
Social Media Management: “Your business needs Social Media.”  You’ve probably heard this statement and then thought, “But I don’t have time for that!” Well, Social Media is a lot easier when you have a tool to automate the heavy lifting associated with your social media accounts. Learn more…

Video player
Video Hosting: Once you have created your amazing, knock-their-socks-off video, you have to get it in front of your viewers.  The best way to do this is to post it on the web. If your video is more than 10 minutes long, or if you want to control who sees it, YouTube is not an option. You could post it directly on your website or your blog, but if your video becomes really popular and a lot of people watch it, that traffic will likely result in additional charges against your account.  Learn More

Video guy carrying a real of film
Video Production: Those nifty videos all over the web that showcase a great product or engage you with an offer were produced using video recording software that captures the computer screen.  This is why this kind of video is called screen capture. Engaging your audience with video can increase their retention of what you present and also increase your sales. Creating your own videos doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult if you use the right tool. Learn More

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