Success Online is a Numbers Game: Do You Understand the Rules? — 2 Comments

  1. I absolutely agree. Over the years I’ve had a website and an email list I’ve worked hard to convert some of those names to clients. And the results are low.

    A few weeks ago I spoke for 40 minutes at a local women’s group, and gained 2 new clients. When I look back at how people find me the vast majority are word of mouth – they’ve seen me, or someone they know has. So, signature talks are the way forward. I now have 3 different ones I can pull out of the bag, all of which have opportunities for people to “try me on”. It works!

    • Way to go, Tilla. As you so clearly demonstrated, a 40 minute talk yields much higher results than the same time invested in online marketing.

      Just to be clear, I’m not advocating NOT doing online marketing, but to do it in a way that supports the rest of your business, not as a “magic potion” that will somehow make you successful overnight.

      It’s a good idea to have a website to send the people that you meet in person to so they can get more information about you. It’s also good to use your website to promote your in person talks.

      Real and lasting success comes when all of your business and marketing efforts work together to get you in front of your ideal clients regularly.

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