The Five Cs to Creating More Content with Less Effort — 3 Comments

  1. Starting your blog with an outline will help keep you focused and your writing organized and concise. Your five c’s are great tips and stream of consciousness writing is a great way just to empty your brain.

  2. Excellent tips, Lesa! When I started blogging, I did not have a plan in place and I’d simply wing it with an article that happened to pop in my head that day. Talk about clarity, LOL! Now I’m organized and know what I’ll be blogging about months in advance.

    This is not only saving a ton of time, but also builds the trust factor of your blog as your content flows properly.

  3. Love writing blogs from an outline. Reminds me of college papers. Our blogs are about jewelry, fashion, lots of color, now into birthstones and zodiac signs. Sometimes it is hard to keep them to just the right size with our visual content and information. Will be following your tips

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