The Secret to More Free Publicity — 5 Comments

  1. This post is awesome, great advice for any business relationship. Being engaged and responsive not only goes a long way toward making us easy to work with, it also generates the kind of momentum that makes projects fun for everyone.

  2. Hi Lesa,
    It sounds like Person A needs an appreciation transfusion.

    Congratulations on making an excellent choice in the 30 who participated and were able to honour deadlines and quality standards.

  3. I think these are great tips for anyone with a job in any industry. When I decided to become a contract musician, I had to learn really quickly to always show up early and ready to work with a big smile on my face whether I felt like it or not. I’m so impressed whenever I meet someone who has become very successful and still doesn’t throw a ‘diva’ attitude at anyone.

  4. Lesa:

    Great post!
    Your event was so simple to join and fun, thanks for that. You were all those things listed under “This, really, is the secret to garnering free publicity for your business:”
    Really this is what being in business is all about. The day-to -day work, flexible, give it your all, thank and appreciate.

  5. Publicity is making something known to the public, spreading information to the general-local or national-market. It is information with a news value used to attract public attention or support. Everybody use publicity. Politicians, manufacturers, celebrities-even the car makers use publicity to further their causes and gain attention and publicity isn’t limited to large organizations. Small committees and enterprises use the local newspapers to publicize events and endeavors. I totally agree with your free publicity tricks and I hope it will work properly.

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