Blogging 101: Never Run Out of Things to Write About — 10 Comments

  1. I use all of the above mentioned techniques to help me with blog writing.
    One thing that I always do is put aside at least one hour a week to come up with 5 subjects and keywords for the following week.
    If something else comes up that I feel could have more value for my audience then I just go with that instead.
    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thanks for these great tips, especially #3. I’ll be checking out those articles/sources right away. And when you write about this subject again, I’d love for you to say more about #2. Just exactly what is the process of using Google key word search?
    Thanks for the info,

    • Yvette,
      Thanks for the suggestion to write about how to do keyword research. It’s such an important step in growing your business online and I forget that not everyone knows how to do it. I’ll put that topic on the top of my list of posts to write.

      Your comment has helped me find topics for my blog; I hope this article helped you do the same for yours.


  3. Thanks, Lesa, for more than doubling blogging ideas for me. I confess I have tended to rely mostly on reading and my list of ideas. (I read after breakfast every morning and then get so inspired that I stop to write.) Your survey suggestions really grabs me–and I’m delighted that you included a link to your tips and resources on this! You rock!! That is such a cool way to involve readers and hit the mark. Now to check out Wunderlist as well…


  4. Great tips Lesa. I’m intrigued with the tip on surveys and intend to find out more about this! Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Surveying my market is my favorite approach. I’m constantly asking my website visitors, subscribers, teleseminar/webinar attendees what’s their #1 question on how to get new clients and how to close sales on the spot without being pushy or salesy.

    I do a video blog and that’s pretty much all I do there – answer questions.

    I also listen very attentively to what my own clients are asking me because those are most likely the questions other people are thinking of as well.

    And the ideas you shared here are spot on – if you do those faithfully, you truly would never run out of things to write about.

  6. Thanks, Lesa, for sharing.
    The two tips that resonate with me are #6 and #7. Taking a walk, as long as my dogs are minding me, always helps me to clear out the cobwebs holding my creative process.
    And free-form writing generally helps me to help get the juices flowing once the cobwebs have been cleared away!
    Thanks for the reminder, Karen

  7. I’ve used a “swipe file” for years. I got in the habit when I was doing graphic work and would see ads I liked and wanted to try to emulate.

    When I read an article or see a blog post that inspires me, I save it to use as a guide for my own posts or newsletter articles. I’d love to do surveys, but so far have had no luck getting anyone to take them. Any suggestions?

  8. These are great ideas. Blogging is a great thing, and I really agree that customers will tell you what they want to hear about. If a question keeps coming up, blog about it. If a customer has an experience that you come across a lot, blog about it. If there’s a certain trend in your industry that’s making it into the mainstream, blog about it. There are so many ways to come up with a blog topic, but your customers is certainly one of the best.

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