Tips for Creating Paid Programs that Sell — 4 Comments

  1. What a very interesting and valuable post. It really makes sense that we do take the time to know what the audience would like and need. Once we provide solutions to their problems and address their concerns, we can be sure that we are coming up with something that will really sell.

  2. The idea of creating paid programs is exciting to me, especially as I consider how I can reach people who aren’t local with my yoga teaching offerings specifically. It’s so helpful to have a clear formula for setting up a paid program and to have a system that would allow an entrepreneur to test out a number of ideas, as opposed to feeling pressured to come up with one that is perfect right off the bat. Your mention of the importance of right timing is also significant. This post makes it clear that even though there may be some trial and error, and a learning curve, developing a paid program that excels is doable and can be an adventure that promotes a lot of personal and professional growth.

    • Successful ideas aren’t born in a vacuum; they are developed over time by making adjustments based on feedback and increased understanding of the problem you intend to solve. For this reason, taking the time to test your idea by offering a free training first is imperative. It makes me sad to see entrepreneurs sink a ton of time and money developing a program or product that will never sell. Hopefully, that will never happen to you, Kathleen.

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