Tips for Navigating the Treacherous Waters of Collaboration — 3 Comments

  1. It’s great to see examples of deeper unifying goals that will motivate a team to achieve success, as well as how each team members’ level of commitment can be measured. I think it’s important also for entrepreneurs to be aware that the ways of reaching the goal may not look exactly how they expect and that flexibility is important in addition to a strong commitment to the ultimate goal. An issue I’ve come across collaborating with others is a sense of panic and rigidity when things don’t go as planned as opposed to a willingness to surrender to maybe an even better method of reaching the goal or end result than they’d imagined.

    • When you are working the rigid people, it can help to maintain a calming presence. When you don’t mirror their panic, it can help them to calm down. Even if they don’t, remember that their upset is their responsibility and you don’t have to do anything about it (trying to argue it away, for example, may make it worse).

      Don’t be afraid to leave a relationship with a client who is prone to panic and upset when things end up differing from the plan. These type of people won’t change their behavior until there are enough negative experiences as a result that they are pushed to examine their choices. Experiencing you leave the relationship would count as one of these negative experiences, which may be just the straw that pushes them to change.

  2. Absolutely… I tend to become at least outwardly calm in the face of someone’s panic but I need to work on maintaining my inner calm as well! I’ve recently exited a couple client relationships that were not serving me due to this issue among others. I realize that there are a wide variety of clients out there, many who would be of an easier temperament for me to work with and that I have the freedom to choose what relationships feel good and which don’t. Thanks for the reminder that their upset is their responsibility!

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