How to Track the Backlinks Pointing to Your Site — 4 Comments

  1. Some of the best ways to create backlinks is to post links to whatever websites, articles, or pages, that you want people to visit, on sites that draw in a large amount of traffic and that allow do follow links. This site, webanswers, allows us to post backlinks that are relevant to the topic, in our answers. Forums that are on the same topic as the site being linked to, are good backlinking sources. Just be sure that the forums allows links to be posted. Sites such as Infopirate and Shetoldme are based on backlinks that people place on them. Facebook allows backlinks to be placed on it user’s pages. You can also write articles on sites such as Hubpages, Squidoo, Firehow, and other writing sites, and then place relevant backlinks in those articles.

    • Abegail,
      Thanks for sharing some more places to build backlinks for your SEO. I want to remind my readers to not get overwhelmed here and think that you need to be using all of these techniques — you don’t. From the search engine’s standpoint, it is important that your links be built in a consistent manner: you don’t want to build 100 or 1,000 and then stop. So, pick 1 or 2 techniques and focus on those ONLY until you have made a habit of building backlinks that you find easy to maintain. Then, add another one or two techniques (and drop the one that is either the most work for you or that is not giving you the best results (you are tracking your results, right?)). Slow and steady is how you succeed with link building.

  2. Some very good tips. As hard as it is sometimes, I like to be patient and just do a little bit of linkbuilding every day. The quality links take lots of time so there’s no point rushing it and going for poor links.

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