VaultPress Backup Service: Is it Worth it? — 4 Comments

    • I have clients who use the BackupWordpress plugin successfully. It defaults to storing the files on your server but will send them via email as well. Note that with both email and Dropbox, you are limited to about 20MB in file size. If your site has many images, or lots of pages, you may find your backup file is larger than that.

  1. Yes it is worth, you will get also email alerts when Vaultpress when your site can’t connect with them and also some solutions as well to make it work again. I found 5 dollar an amazing price, maybe I wil switch to the 15 dollar one once a while, so first will check it for this month or two. The only thing that I found is it’s only backup the wp-content and the SQL not the rest of the wordpress files. No idea if that is a good thing I guess, I don’t know. But for so far it runs nice for me.

    • Leaving out the rest of the WordPress files makes your backup file smaller and easier to manage. You will appreciate this is you ever have to restore your site from a backup. You can always get fresh copies of WordPress itself from

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