When You Get Hacked — 12 Comments

  1. Such a good point about keeping your site up to date. There are security vulnerability being discovered and fixed almost every day and making sure your website is updated to the latest version is really important.

    I know a lot of website owners that simply panic and aren’t able to do anything when this happens. As with every emergency, you need to stay calm and have you plan ready to roll.

  2. Wow, I really knew none of this before reading your article Lesa, thank you. I will be printing your post for future reference. Very helpful, thanks for sharing.

  3. This is excellent advice Lesa, thank you. Thanks to my wonderful IT son’s insistence, I do back up off-site regularly. I’m going to install WordFence today.:)

  4. I remember when my beloved then 18 month old website was hacked and the torture I went through over the weekend to get it back up and paid a good fee for it. That hacking was done by another coaching professional and the interesting thing that we found that the only areas that were sabotaged were those relating to my freebie and testimonials and anything that had to do with my credentials. I know who and what happened but won’t share the details here. I have forgiven the desperate person who wanted content. 😉

    Suffice it to say that I took the cleanup on a war path footing and luckily my web designer had the templates – my website is customized. It took 48 hours to be up again and I finally did a course on WordPress website management.

    I also employed another highly reputed company to do an independent audit of the website and Cpanel area to check for any back doors and installed Wordfence. I also changed my website host provider and am now dealing directly with the main hosting company.

    There is a silver lining to this dark cloud – it forced me to improve my general knowledge in this key area and today, I am able to manage my website and even create websites when required. I leave coding to my new IT guy but know that as a business owner, if that skill is required, I will learn it. My website is my online home and sacred space. Nasty hackers are not welcome, Lesa.

  5. Great info in this post, Lesa. Having WordFence has shown me how persistent some of the bots and hackers are. We have been blocking an unusually large number of attempts to access my site and it shocks me to see how prevalent this has become. Yes, we update all my plugins and keep full site backups, which offers partial assurance. However, like you said, it can happen to anyone, regardless of how big or small your business is. I remember my blog person reminding me not to take it personally as it is just the nature of the online world these days. A sad commentary on the less than positive side of the world wide web. Appreciate the reminders and also hearing about as another protection option.

  6. I am techie phobic & constantly challenged when things go wrong. Really unnerves me. So take good measure not to get hacked. Important info. Thanks

  7. My website was hacked without any noticeable indications. My hosting service did a routine scan and figured it out, then had me delete about 50 files to get rid of it. Believe it or not, this did not affect my site’s appearance in any way. Probably the hackers got in because I wasn’t good about updating my plugins. 🙁 Hackers can be using your site as a relay station of sorts to hide their presence and activities. And they can download malware to people who access your site. It’s scary! I have WordFence now and am amazed at what it can do! You can set it up to block unauthorized people/bots from trying to log in, notify you when your plugins need to be updated, etc. I highly recommend using that plugin, and it’s free.

  8. Hey Lesa
    Such a great post i really happy to read about when we get hacked
    because people really don’t know what to do they in start website
    Thank you for sharing nice post

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