Who is Your Ideal Client? — 1 Comment

  1. Wow Lesa. This is one of those posts that have me re-reading for the secrets it holds. Honing the process of working with quality clients over quantity in my gestalt practice is a challenge I’ve wrestled with for years. By answering your questions of characteristics, who did I enjoy, where did they come from, I think the whittling will be fruitful. As I pictured that whittling process, it reminds me that the word “decide” means to “cut away other options.” After reading this post, I have decided to cut away those who do not fit quite as well. I do have an assessment questionnaire that prospective clients download and fill out before they call for a Discovery Session, and that process helps to weed out some who are not quite prime-time ready. But to actually focus on WHERE those quality past leads have come from is the best advice I have entertained for some time. Thanks for this Lesa. And thanks for the 31 Day Blog Challenge. I’m truly enjoying this. ~In gratitude, Jan Deelstra, Self-Esteem Specialist and Transformational Author at

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